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KAIYE INDUSTRIES roller conveyor in the KAIYE ModuLine sets it self apart by virtue of its simple and robust design. Its modular structure ensure standardized and thus a high level of dependability and economic efficiency . It can be used in many different versions for a very wide variety of tasks. With control components suitable for the application at hand, it can be used as a accumulation, as a merge and even as a sorting conveyor.

Gravity Roller Conveyor used to move product by pushing the product manually with minimal resistance, or tilting the conveyor to allow the product to roll away without an external power sources.

Flexible conveyor are versatile performers in docks, warehouse, shipping areas, and more. When you need conveyor on a situational basis, flexible is an excellent choices. Uses skate wheel conveyor instead of flow rails: higher capacity, complete zoning freedom, &  Superb rollability make this an excellent flow rack choice.