Table Top Chain Conveyor Series

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KAIYE INDUSTRIES conveying surface of the chain plate conveyor is flat and smooth, with low friction, and the material transition between the conveying lines is smooth. It can transport bottles, bottlings, bags, individual pieces, boxes and other objects.

There are many specifications of chain plate, such as stainless steel chain plate, carbon steel chain plate, industrial plastic chain plate, etc. It can be selected according to the material and process requirements to meet the different needs of various industries. The material of the frame is also roughly divided into aluminium profiles, ordinary carbon steel, and stainless steel.

The choice of the conveyor capacity of the chain conveyor can be selected according to the goods to be transported. The light conveyor can transport industries such as food, beverages, dairy, pharmaceuticals, and electronic products. Heavy-duty can carry large loads, such as used in electric vehicles, motorcycles, generators and other industries; the transmission speed is accurate and stable, which can ensure accurate synchronous transmission; Generally, the cleaning of the chain conveyor can be directly washed with water or directly immersed in water. The equipment is easy to clean and can meet the hygiene requirements of the food and beverage industry; The chain conveyor can be flexibly arranged in any field. A series of conveying movements such as horizontal, tilting and turning can be completed on one conveying line.
The equipment has a simple structure and is easy to maintain.